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Zion School Of Music & Arts featured in Deccan Herald!

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Zion School of Music is now teaching 12+ Instruments and Art Workshops Online. We were recently featured in Deccan Herald.

Deccan Herald featured Zion School of Music (ZSMA) explaining how our Online Service contributed to engaging people with new skills.

We all witnessed countries, businesses and life itself going into lockdown when COVID-19 was a wild spread. We were entering a new normal. As humans, we always fight to survive and get better. We witnessed how countries, frontline workers, and scientists were doing their best to help us navigate this crisis.

In this new normal people found themselves trying things they probably have not tried before. You will know family members, friends or roommates who would have tried the Dalgona challenge, played Online games, Learnt to Bake and try new hobbies. And some wanted to learn a new instrument that they've always wanted to.

This new normal for ZSMA meant we needed to find ways to maintain our existing batches and also make sure that the learning process online was effective. After some planning with the team, we decided to go online and optimized our entire course for Online Learning.

“Our methods have enabled even students aged 6 to learn considerably tougher instruments like guitar, completely online”

We launched online and have not looked back since. All the students under ZSMA have a good learning experience. This could become the new normal of learning skills, as we are planning to continue offering our services Online. It has become convenient for the students, teachers as they can choose a time, be in the comfort of their homes and simply learn.

“We have students from 7 Countries. And we're growing. We're one of the few Music Schools teaching 15+ instruments. ”

Zion School of Music provides you a great opportunity to start your musical journey with the best instructors to guide. Join a Free Demo Today to experience our classes.

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